Folk off yourself with the help of BIG CUN TREE

FIFTH time lucky I hope posting this… Tarzan Evans here… new to this blogging malarkey! If you want to find FOIST on YouTube, tune into the hexfremlin channel (predominantly FOIST with a smattering of other stuff).

FOIST are planning to make some proper films soon to go with the music… here’s one quarter of the new EP, their debut, of the new FOIST signing BIG CUN TREE, the figureheads of the up and coming ‘folk off’ movement (generally involves taking lyrics from 19th-century collections of ‘ancient peasant songs’ and merrily and pleasantly despoiling them in proper Foistian style, but in this track bizarrely while it is not based on any ancient text, musically sounds almost purist folk)… T

The EP (currently being mastered by DR PLEASURE in his FOIST den dip in thic wuds) is called MEADOWS OF PHLEGM and as always will be available in no stores. Thanks to Fiddler Jim of the Black Mountains, FOIST owes you some bakewell…

Now does this work?