Friends, who needs them? Maybe they’re tarnished by any admitted association with FOIST, but since our inception we have operated partly as a self-indulgent unit, and also periodically reached out and embraced whatever tentacles of a music scene we could grasp hold of and pull into our orbit…

We may be thanked, but we also may be cursed, both by those we claim as friends below, and also anyone who’s got a computer like mine that emulates the days of ZX81s and dial-up when many links are presented in a blog. But let’s carry on regardless.

We could an inordinate amount of links of those FOIST has helped along the road to fame – Carlton B Morgan And The Supernormals, Obesity Rollers, Basti… the list goes on… but I’m being strict here and only including the combos that are still going concerns, even if they have just reformed and are a shadow of their former selves, or have reinvented themselves with new name but similar personnel…

For starters, let’s zoom in on a bizarre comedy act (or is it serious, I can’t tell?) who have been and ARE STILL Foist alumni (once you enter Dr Pleasure’s world, you never really leave)… I believe a new episode is due out very soon, but let me present to you… a previous episode of the BLUEBELLS series, based on real life:

Incidentally, one member of the Bluebells team (GERRARD BURRIDGE aka GODFREY DREAMTONE aka EVIL 3) has been an erstwhile FOIST member, playing drums with CASUM, HEX FREMLIN and DIRTY BOY, but here’s his latest combo, PURE EVIL with the jaunty little number, SAUCY JACKY:

And here’s a more typical side to PURE EVIL, performing the first of a weekly series of gigs staged by FOIST back in November 2009 (the gigs continued into 2011) at The Angel Hotel in Coleford… thanks to TREV for the brilliantly shot footage!

The other member of the BLUEBELLS team, RICHARD ‘DOBBINS’ ROBBINS, also featured in DIRTY BOY… he went on to join THE PEPPERMINT HUNTING LODGE, who featured prominently in FOIST’s ANOTHER FINE MESS 2009-11 series. They have now been reborn as NOVELLA NOISE…

Other past/present FOIST alumni are guitarist/singer TONY HOPKINS, who first collaborated with FOIST for the live act THE SEX TONES, and fiddler/banjoist/mandolinist/whateverelseist JIM WILLIAMS, who played on 2 tracks of the new BIG CUN TREE EP, MEADOWS OF PHLEGM… both were and still are members of the recently reformed POSH FROCK & JUKEBOX, featured below:

Other stars of the Forest of Dean scene of a few years ago, and both (as did TPHL) featured on the FOIST-produced double-CD scene compilation OUT OF THE WOODS, were JOE & THE SLUTS and TWIST THE KNIFE… they have been renamed, respectively, with slightly different personnels but more metallic and powerhouse BLACKĀ  ART and MEDIK… check them both out below…

… But let’s return to the early daze of FOIST… back then (1989-90) we put on a series of 13 (I think) gigs at the (now demolished) Coleford Community Centre. The gigs really took off when this (recently reformed) duo performed, the same week they made the front page of Melody Maker…

We also hosted the 3rd or 4th gig by this (still-active) combo from the Forest of Dean (where they tried out their EMI-sponsored stage show for the first time):

HEX FREMLIN played a memorable gig with Bristol’s mighty MOONFLOWERS, who trashed the playgroup area at the back of the stage, destroying a sofa and covering themselves and the whole area with paint which they daubed over themselves… here they are, recently reformed:

Also on the bill that night were the delightfully named STD… and the left-handed bassman Spike is now the man behind the NOISE RESEARCH INSTITUTE, whose output is available on cassettes and here:

Should also mention two other acts that are strongly still going that have played a part in the FOIST saga… CITIZEN FISH and RADICAL DANCE FACTION… I’ll leave you with one of each… if there’s anyone I’ve missed, let us know and maybe there’ll be a part 2 of FOISTIAN CONNECTIONS…

But FOIST might not have existed (at least not with this name) had it not been for THE MINUTEMEN, as we named our collective after the song BIG FOIST, below… we have been periodically in touch with MIKE WATT, the bassist, and are planning a FOIST outing to see him play the Marrs Bar in Worcester on February 28.


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