What connects Obama with Wild Willy Barrett and the latest Foist act, Big Cun Tree? Er, nothing really, except I wanted to give all 3 subjects a heads-up.

First, the most expensive US election in history has bought Obama victory. A sigh of relief that we didn’t get that rabid rightwing fundamentalist Romney waving America’s big stick, but little comfort for the families in Pakistan and Afghanistan being devastated by the US’s death-by-remote-control drones, nor the thousands of Muslims being tortured in Guantanamo Bay. Wall Street, Rothschild and the other elite families win whether it’s Democrat or Republican. I think a great many of us worldwide realise that. But I’m pleased people did actually turn out and vote Obama, despite many on the left advising them not to bother. Lesser of two evils, in my view, and I like to think Obama would do more good if he wasn’t tied to the puppet strings of the military-industrial complex. As for Romney, like our Tories over here, I don’t think he has an ounce of compassion for anyone except his own redneck people…

Never mind the bollocks, here’s another reminder to ensure you check out WILD WILLY BARRETT at the FLYING SHACK at GLOUCESTERSHIRE AIRPORT, STAVERTON (between Gloucester and Cheltenham) this FRIDAY night. Btw, the other gig I flagged up, POSH FROCK & JUKEBOX’s reunion at the Railway in Newnham on Sunday was fantastic – even if it took 30 minutes of involuntary molestation of friends and strangers to get to the bar/loos/outside for a fag. So when’s the next gig, Posh Frock?

So, WILD WILLY BARRETT… the other half of OTWAY & BARRETT who enjoyed hits in the late 70s with Really Free, Beware of the Flowers and Cheryl’s Going Home. They still team up from time to time, but the FLYING SHACK gig sees Barrett in a different combo, SLEEPING DOGZ.

Tickets are £5 (includes temporary club membership for the night), doors open 7pm, music starts c. 8.45 pm, you get tickets by calling Flying Shack on 01452 690046 or email or better still in person at The Shack for cash! Lots of info on Willy at

Organiser and Flying Shack mainman Poetpilot says this is the musical event of the year at the flying school-cum-venue. I repeat the info I was given before (and posted in an earlier blog): Their original blend of material covers genres from Bluegrass, Irish jigs and acoustic blues to what can only be described as punk folk, played on instruments as diverse as guitar, banjo, fiddle, cello, Irish pipes, whistles and drums.

“Willy has been working in France for the last year with French singer Mary-Laure (who will also be with him at The Flying Shack where the talented multi-instrumentalist has been putting together a more up-beat set with jazz-jive and country rock influences.

“Willy says he is undergoing a musical metamorphosis and this is reflected in his playing. If you are looking for a group within a set genre performing covers, forget it. However, if you are looking for a truly original performance full of fun, dry humour and the unexpected, with toe-tapping fiddle and banjo interspersed with haunting vocals, cello and guitar – see you there!”

Here’s a snippet of what to expect:

Lastly, I simply MUST draw your attention to Big Cun Tree, Foist’s latest signing, currently preparing their debut EP Meadows of Phlegm for limited release… here are 2 diverse examples, both using ancient lyrics with new, invented tunes:



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