“Remember, remember, the fifth of November/ Gunpowder, treason and plot/ I see no reason why gunpowder, treason/ should ever be forgot.”

Guy Fawkes was an anarchist hero who bravely tried to help his fellow oppressed humans by putting a few fireworks under the feet of corrupt members of Parliament. He was caught, hung, drawn and quartered by the military-industrial complex of 1605, but the people have remembered his brave deeds ever since with a bonfire, sometimes topped with an effigy of a hated political figurehead. Some people now wear a Guy Fawkes mask as they call for a bonfire of bonfires… there have even been stunts to deliver gunpowder to Parliament.

Ah, so November 5, it’s people’s justice time against parliament and authority, right? And let’s face it, this year the bonfires are gonna be raging full on, as it emerges just about every voice of authority – from ex-prime ministers, lords, senior Tories to TV celebrities, pop stars, hospital and charity bosses, to the Royal family are not merely mentally abusing us every day with their bullshit and thieving wholesale from us all our time, energy and taxes to keep up their lavish lifestyles, forcing poor people out of their homes, and then banning them from squatting or even being homeless on the street. But it is now starting to emerge that they’ve been abusing the most vulnerable (and even the dead) and children physically, and sexually too and if any of the victims speak out, it’s swept under the carpet as unthinkable… But you only need to look at the horrific way slavemasters treated slaves in the Caribbean and USA to realise that have manipulated society to control it are sadistic psychopaths.

Anyway, step into the prophetic world of HELIUM DEALER. Tis Monday, November 5, and a jolly – though cold – family seaside picnic is interrupted by a news bulletin…

Ok, time to level and de-fantasise… Guido Fawkes (also the name of a present-day right-wing blogger) was a Catholic unhappy about the Protestant rulers. He intended to replace James I with a Catholic monarch. He was no anarchist hero.From 1606, Bonfire Night was instituted by the crown, state and church for vigilance against Catholics, and also the burning down of the Houses of Parliament. It was a way to recruit a loyalist mob, a vanguard against a rival power, the Vatican, and also persecute Catholic people. During Cromwell’s reign, Christmas and other celebrations were banned, with November 5 being the only officially permitted party.

Still now, you’ll notice those with the public fireworks licenses are official bodies and royally-approved charities. In Lewes, the burning effigies sometimes border on fascistic, such as one year when gypsies were featured. Yet when we burnt a sculpture of Big Ben in the Forest of Dean (not on November 5, but January 3) the repercussions led to a people’s victory (against the Forest sell-off). And there have been occasions in history when state-sponsored pogroms against Catholics (and other minority groups) have gone wrong for the powers-that-be. Notably the 1780 Gordon Riots when the homes of the super-rich and the Bank of England got torched and the poorer Catholic homes were left intact.

But, anyway, this V For Vendetta film came out in 2006, Hollywood-ising and very much negating the power and intellect of Alan Moore’s comics and turning Bonfire Night into “rebellion against the fascist government night”, which ultimately is seen as a patriotic act. V For Vendetta started out in Alan Moore’s mind as an anarchist debate with many ambiguities, unlike the simplified movie. Moore’s V was no superhero, he was full of foibles. Natalie Portman and Steven Fry’s performances are other reasons why the film is a dud. And I REALLY hate the cooking scenes.

Nevertheless, those that identify with Anonymous and put up Facebook posts with the mask and quotes from the film are still making a very worthwhile stand against this truly horrendous mob that have seized control with only 20% support. I mean, what else can we do? This situation and the need for action – whether autonomous or mass-organised against these UTTER BASTARDS – goes beyond any -ism, specific theory or ideology, although the names evoked most often these days seem to be Tom Paine (18th century) and Gerard Winstanley/The Diggers (17th cent).

Let’s have your suggestions in the comments box… this could be a sequel blog… how do we destroy or escape a sadistic patriarchal militaristic violent paedophiliac control-freak monetarian brutalist society and make the world nicer for the many, rather than cushioned for the few at the expense of the many? Or is Tarzan Evans living in a different reality, and prone to exaggerate, misinform and mislead?

Btw, regarding paedophiles and those in authority that allow them to get away with it, here’s STIGMATA KETCHUP with a ditty inspired by the visit to Britain – which we paid for – of Pope “Hitler Youth” Benedict the 3000th… (just to point out, I attack the institutions and the figureheads of religions, governments, media, military, police and finance not the many decent individuals within the institutions)…

Happy Bonfire Night folks! Don’t get too carried away, mind…


One thought on “Guy Fawkes and V, heroes or dickheads?

  1. Spike Vincent

    I tried to reply to this before,but the intarnet conspired against me.Small point of order,my understanding was that Guido actually escaped drawing and quartering by leaping off the scaffold with the noose around his neck thus breaking his neck,but that could be a folk tale.
    I also red V in the original WARRIOR comic strip and was disappointed by the films happy ending,Alan Moore declined to have a credit on the film which says it all for me.
    However,Alan Moore heartily approves of the V mask’s current use,even though Warner Bros get a royalty for each one sold….


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