Pure Evil’s Jacky… heading for four figures, with YOUR HELP!

OK, FOIST-lovers, please get all your family, friends and even those who aren’t your friends to watch this YOUTUBE video, to get it up from 925 views and into the stellar realms of thousands!!!

Pure Evil, a band that evolved simultaneously inside and outside the FOIST umbrella… they recognised that to be tainted with the FOIST hex of non-success was not the best strategy, so recorded their LP, 20 Golden Greats elsewhere in a deep city Fortress… but they were lovingly received back to the FOIST stable in the womb-like forest nest for this psychotic music hall tribute, Jacky, a few years ago, recorded at the Spike Fawkes Film Studios in Ruardean. Ideal for any Bar Mitzvah or fundamentalist cheesecake weaving class, this cheeky number is just one facet of this grotesque-burlesque jazz-funk-punk-cabaret-lounge-toilet ensemble… a great deal of work went into this film (edited by FOIST design supremo Ed Risbey). However, an accompanying non-musical film Suppertime With Pure Evil, was subsequently banned and removed from public view. Too gratuitous and taboo-breaking even for the 21st century…

Now sit back, and enjoy, we need at least 75 people… (OR THE EVILS WILL COME AND GET YA)…

Yours, honoured to be named EVIL 7


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