I wrote a long eloquent post but the goddamn thing deleted itself… so this time I won’t bother, simply to urge you to attend the reunion THIS COMING SUNDAY [3pm, Railway pub, Newnham-on-Severn) of POSH FROCK & JUKEBOX, back after more than 20 years, members of which have conspired with FOIST at various times (including very recently in the case of Black Mountain Fiddler Jim, guest star of the new BIG CUN TREE EP, and in the distant past, Tony Hopkins (guitar), with the short-lived SEX TONES). The aforementioned ‘TONES supported John Otway (a friend of one Foistian family) at Cinderford’s Dean Centre (sledgehammers, kitchen sinks, Velvets songs, some may recall…). Now Mr Otway came to prominence in 1977 with one WILD WILLY BARRETT, for Really Free, who has been tracked down and performs exclusively at The Flying Shack, Staverton, NEXT FRIDAY (Nov 9, 7pm, Glos Airport). Here’s two visual and aural reminders (more info follows)…

So anyway, Poetpilot, the unique promoter in the most unique venue in Gloucestershire (ok, the Flying Shack doesn’t literally fly, but things inside it do… and how many lyrical flying instructors with a penchant for lost punk legends do you know? One.) presents Wild Willie Barrett there at the Shack, in a hangar at Gloucestershire Airport, halfway between Gloucester and Cheltenham on the backroads…

Here’s what Poetpilot says: “OK, tickets £5 (includes temp club membership for the night), doors open 7pm, music starts c. 8.45 pm, you get tickets by calling us at Flying Shack on 01452 690046 or email or better still in person at The Shack for cash! Lots of info on Willy at

He adds: “This one is our musical highlight of the year and is a ticket-only event at 」5 per head. Willy had some chart fame in the 70s and 80s with John Otway, and now fronts a band that is totally original yet loads of fun. Here’s Willy’s press release…

“There’s no doubt about it, the evenings are definitely getting darker, the clocks will soon be going back – but we have the answer: beat those autumn blues with a evening of music and humour.

“Buckinghamshire’s very own eccentric musician Wild Willy Barrett comes to the Flying Shack on Friday 9 November with his band Sleeping Dogz .

“Their original blend of material covers genres from Bluegrass, Irish jigs and acoustic blues to what can only be described as punk folk, played on instruments as diverse as guitar, banjo, fiddle, cello, Irish pipes, whistles and drums.

“Willy has been working in France for the last year with French singer Mary-Laure (who will also be with him at The Flying Shack where the talented multi-instrumentalist has been putting together a more up-beat set with jazz-jive and country rock influences.

“Willy says he is undergoing a musical metamorphosis and this is reflected in his playing. If you are looking for a group within a set genre performing covers, forget it. However, if you are looking for a truly original performance full of fun, dry humour and the unexpected, with toe-tapping fiddle and banjo interspersed with haunting vocals, cello and guitar – see you there!”

Can’t say fairer that that… NOVEMBER 9, SEE YOU AT THE FLYING SHACK 🙂

And, in case you have the attention span of an amoeba, don’t forget THIS SUNDAY AFTERNOON, Posh Frock & Jukebox at the Railway, Newnham… This is what they say: “The original members of Posh Frock and Jukebox: James (Flee) Anderson, Patrick Barcoe, Simon Davies, Tony Hopkins and Jim Williams, are getting together for a reunion gig at The Railway Inn Newnham on the 4th of November at 4:00PM. This will be the first time we’ve all played together in over 20 years and we’re really looking forward to it. So if there’s anyone who still remembers us it’d would be great to see you! And even if you don’t remember us it would still be good to see you!!”

Lastly, they add… PLEASE NOTE! THE GIG STARTS AT 4:00pm AND NOT 3:00pm AS IT STATES AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE! So take note, it’s 4pm!



  1. tarzanevans Post author

    whoops, I have been alerted to the fact that the Flying Shack is not a hangar but an old shack… with loads of aviational history, “asbestos and everything”… and fantastic acoustics!


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